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  • 25-08-2018
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vPopulus Changes;
Hi everyone,
Since the last community meeting, we’ve been discussing a lot of issues within the team and with community also. Based on players feedback we’ve decided to change quite a lot of things. Changes in construction and bug fixes will be solved, guaranteed.

First of all, there will be a reset. vPopulus will be re-launched again, with a lot of changes.
At this very moment we are not sure on which countries to add and we rather have few but active countries instead of many but dead countries.

The biggest changes
- After 1 year of game, if a country shows clear dominance (Ex. Owning 60% of active countries) the game will be closed and reseted again;
- Probation countries will cease to exist;
- Wastelands will be countries instead of regions;
- World will have far less (About 70%) less regions;
- We’ll have an specialized marketing team;
- Dedicated team only for Wiki and dealing with new players;
- We’ll be adding more tutorial like missions;
- Extra tools to help players (Production Calc., Improved display of battle and market stats, etc);
- Optimized support and player retention.

Besides all those changes, we’re reprogramming parts of the game in order to have an enhanced speed (about 33% increase) and much better scalability, which will also allows us to have intercontinental server, increase the speed of non-european countries.

We’ll also add an “Article Achieve” being able to search on previous versions articles.

We are looking for collaborators to be country representatives. If you want to help on vPopulus and help your country at the same time, please fill the form linked below.

We will only be adding the countries that have at least 2 representative.

In every version of vPopulus, we’ve had troubles due to unexpected bugs or things just not running smoothly from the start. We’re committed to have a smooth start and to have everything properly done and tested. Might seem like we’re a bit away from community but we aren’t, we’re taking planning and testing of features more seriously than ever.

Please fill this form to help us growing vPopulus - https://goo.gl/forms/HRJc9HuazlCQKvm73

With all of these, we should be getting vPopulus new release around end of September, we’ll be in touch with further details.

Kind regards,
vPopulus Studio.




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