vPopulus Spring

  • 19-05-2019
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Hi everyone,
We are long overdue on an update regarding vPopulus, we will now explain everyone what’s going on.

As it is known for the past months, we’ve been working to move vPopulus to greatly increase the game speed and scalability, we’ve been working tirelessly, for months trying to do it as fast and as good as we can, we’ve been so overwhelmed with everything that’s been going on that we couldn’t keep in touch with community as much as we’d like and as much you deserve. We’re deeply sorry for that.

We greatly underestimated the issue with intercontinental servers, we promised we’d have european, american and australian server, it was one of the main reasons we re-worked pretty much everything. It’s been an enormous time sink, lots of problems arose with databases, web-servers and storage, due to our limited resources, we have to deal with one thing at the time. At this point, we still haven’t figured out a perfect solution, but in order to allow us develop further the actual game, we managed to bring someone with more expertise in the area on board, as you can learn more about it here - https://vpopstudio.eu/games/vpopulus

Although we still have a lot to do, now that we’ve cleared or delegated some overdue tasks, things should start running faster.

We know everyone wants a final release date, at this very moment, we cannot provide it, because there are a lot of moving parts and after so long, we do not want to rush the release and release with bugs and unfinished features. Our objective is to release the final version still within 2019 spring - we are deeply committed with this date and will do everything in our power to deliver.

While the game is yet not finished for release, we will open Closed Beta in the next couple weeks and slowly move it to Open Beta, before the final release. At the final stage of Closed Beta, we aim to have at least 100 players, in order to properly test every single feature. Please understand that during Closed Beta you might encounter a lot of bugs and issues that are still under development.

If you want to do part of the grind of testing the whole game, please fill out this form! -> https://forms.gle/3fHVYmy1rs8uM4rs9

We are also looking to expand our team, we have paid (ERASMUS+) positions available for IT students in our office in Portugal. If you want to apply to those or you just want to work with us closely, please contact us on Discord;

We will start giving access to close beta appliances with-in next week. Hope to see lots of communities forming and players having fun and providing constructive feedback.

vPopulus Studio.



so, where is it ?



Is there way for us to get notification when vpop start?




hope you guys fulfill your promise, im here waiting with excitement to play this game


I am waiting for yours game. I hope that a lot of people will play in it. Sorry for my bad english

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