vPopulus, Start of rounds

Hi everyone,
Like we explain on our previous Blog post. We won’t repeat the mechanics changes we already said, but we’d like to reinforce the idea that the Rounds are time-limited, that everything will be reseted afterwards and that prizes will be given both to top players and players who donated to support vPopulus once the “final” (not rounds) version of the game starts.

Let's also remind everyone that the purpose of the rounds is testing everything and change features that need changing in order to get a more consistent gameplay.

First lightning round
The first round will start at midnight (GMT) on March 15th (2017). At the day-change from 14th to 15th March registration will be open and game will be started.

The very first round will take place in Scandinavia, which means only Scandinavian countries will be added for this round. The objective of the 1st round is military domination. Which means the server will end whenever there’s only 1 country left.
The countries that will participate in this rounds are: Sweden (25 regions), Norway (19 regions), Finland (19 regions), Iceland (8 regions) and Denmark (5 regions).

Despite only having 5 countries added, all community should participate because more players will make the game better and everyone will have a saying on future changes.

vPopulus Meetings
We keep saying that you’ll have a chance to participate and make your opinion matter, we really mean it. That’s why during the duration of the lightning server we’ll host 2 meeting between developers and community.
In those meetings will be divided into 3 parts. The 1st part we’ll discuss features ingame that might need to be changed, during the 2nd part we’ll discuss planning of future features and on the latest part we’ll have a little brainstorming to think of new features.
The 1st meeting should take place around March 25th and the 2nd meeting will take place once the server has ended.

Initial values and Elections
Once the server starts, in order to make things smooth and expedite the process of Declarations of War, there will already be job offers, market offers, etc.
Important information: If you already have an account on vpopstudio.eu you only have to register with the same email and password, no email activation will be necessary!

- Starts wil 100 National Currency (taken out from country treasury);
- First 50 citizens of each country start with 25 Gold;
- Citizens will start with 50 Food Q5, 100 Food Q1, 100 Juices Q1 and 50 Weapons Q1
- There won’t be any level restriction to candidate to congress, create organization, etc

- Starts with 3 Q3 moving tickets;

- Manufacturing and Construction companies will start with 500 raw materials;

- Will have 50 currency as citizen fee;
- Minimum wage will be 5;
- There will be Job offers for skill zero from vPopulus Studio organisation, paying the minimum wage for manufacturing and raw materials;
- Countries will start with 60 000 currency and 3000 Gold;
- There will be market offers selling food, weapons and juices;
- Every capital will have Q5 hospital; Due to latest changes can be used twice a day!

Day 1 - Create party and propose Candidate to Country President (PARTY LEADER CANNOT BE CANDIDATE TO COUNTRY PRESIDENT) & Congress candidates
Day 2 - Country President Elections; The president won’t be able to propose laws.
Day 3 - Presidential Elections results & Congress Elections.
Day 4 - Congress Elections results & both President and Congress can now propose and vote laws.

Only for this version, we’ll change country presidents by requests from current country president.

There will be training battle in all the countries until the 6th in-game day.

Any information given above might be object of change.

We’ll share the link to the game on our Social Media channels (Facebook, Twitter) and Discord.

vPopulus Studio