vPopulus Zeta Release

Hi everyone,
Just like we explained on our previous blog post here we are releasing vPopulus Zeta.

Release will be at 0 hours (GMT) of Sunday the 14th. Which means at Day-change from Saturday (13th) to Sunday (14th).

Like we have said, we will have a couple of starting countries and the others will be as wastelands.

Countries available at day zero:
USA, England, Poland, Serbia, Hungary, Brazil, Australia, China, Turkey, Sweden and Romania.
If you can guarantee at least 50 citizens for the start of the game, please contact us ASAP and we will add the country to the start list.

90% of the world regions have been re-made in order to make everything more balanced in region numbers.

We are looking for leaders to start up countries and create some activity within the countries. If you can volunteer for it, please contact us any way you can (Discord, Twitter, Facebook). This leaders will remain in direct contact with Administration in order to organize a smooth start. The leaders can pick the capital of the country and know before start the raw materials company

We will keep securing state companies and National organizations.

Day 1 - Create party and propose Candidates to Congress Elections (PARTY LEADER CANNOT BE CANDIDATE TO COUNTRY PRESIDENT) & Presidential candidate;
Day 2 - Congress Elections and last day to propose Presidential candidate;
Day 3 - Congress Elections Results & Country President Elections;
Day 4 - Presidential Elections results.

Training war will be kept in place from day 1, until day 10.

Players who donated in Rounds will be compensated with gold and later on a badge. Players who bought gold in the last version will be partially compensated. Top players from rounds will also be compensated.
First 15 players registering in each country will also receive gold.

Reminder: If you already have a vPopStudio account you can use the same email and password and you won’t have to activate your account.

Best of luck to you all, together we will make vPopulus legendary!

vPopulus Studio