vPopulus Zeta - Lightening rounds

Hi everyone,
We know everybody misses vPopulus, that’s why, like we promised, are bringing it back.

Somethings didn’t worked as good as we intended, so we’re doing quite some changes in mechanics and concept.

vPopulus Zeta!
We are moving on from vPopulus PRIME and going to Zeta. But don't worry, the changes we're doing are based on player's feedback and aim to increase gameplay.
Being community friendly and going pay to win are not discussable, it's something we're not willing to change. We'll always remain free, to play and to win. All the changes are based on our community feedback.

There are two very important things we need to cover in this blog post, so let's get up to it.

vPopulus Zeta - Lightning Round
We're not going to start Alpha nor something like it, instead, we're going to release vPopulus Zeta with all the features and without bugs, although, for us to have a consistent quality and gameplay, we're going to have Lightening rounds. Lightening rounds are Servers of vPopulus that will take around one month, won't have the full map and the goal will be domination. The reason we're doing this is so that we can release 1st round, get feedback of changes we've done and ideas for changes we'll be doing next round. We want to stay in touch with our community as much as we can.
In the break from one round to the other, we'll add/change more features. Once we're done with the rounds, we'll release vPopulus Zeta "final server". Each Round will have a different map and a different objective.

The objective of the first round is to conquer Scandinavia. Winners of this round will receive generous rewards in the beginning of 2nd Round.

In rounds formulas will be changed so everything evolves faster and countries are able to start wars quickly.

vPopulus Zeta - 1st Lightening Round changes
Over the course of PRIME, we found things weren't as balanced as we though and had some conceptual problems, so we're changing somethings.

World Map
Being a geopolitical simulator, we think relation to real-life is important, so we're redoing from scratch all the regions from countries. We'll add every country. The number of regions from countries, have from now own a direct proportionality from real-life country, the more square kilometers the country have in territory, the more regions the country will have in vPopulus Zeta. For example, Russia has 16.3 million Km^2, that’s about 11% of the world land area, this means in-game Russia will still have about 11% of the total number of regions.
In order to ensure all countries have option to expand, all the countries will have at least 3 regions.

Changes in restoring wellness:
Juices will now give Quality*2 wellness (Q1 will give 2 wellness and Q5 10), with this option players will be able to get twice as much fights from juices as before.

Players will be able to eat up to 10 pieces of food per day, In your inventory you'll choose the amount of food and the quality of the food you want to eat at day-change, if you don't pick any food, you'll lose 5 wellness per day. This change allow you to recover 50 wellness during day-change, 10 times more than on the previous version.

Hospital can now be used TWICE a day. Once from 00:00 to 11:59 and another from 12:00 to 23:59 (vPopulus time)

Referendums & companies
- We'll have in-game referendums, that will allow countries get feedback from their country. Referendums can be started by CP or congressman and will be voted in congress, like laws, if it passes, all citizens with citizenship of the country will receive notification and will see information about it in homepage. When the law passes, a symbolic amount will be taken off Country Treasury. This feature aims to facilitate the connection between Government and population.

Organisations will now be able to move companies from one region to another. Relocations costs gold and doesn't give any licenses to the country. Reallocation cost: companyQuality * (5 * requiredTicketQuality).

Companies will now increase wall points. Each company will add 25 * companyQuality points. Another example that Military and Economic module go “hand in hand”

Stockmarket was removed and will be re-introduced later on. It wasn’t as good as we intended, so we’ll take it off, restructure it and then re-release it.

Store changes
Since this Rounds are only temporary, we’re changing the concept of store. We’re still allowing players to buy packs, this time we included Weapons and Juices in them.
The player will receive the gold and items from the pack for this round and for later rounds as well, always accumulating the packages throughout the rounds.
Since this version of the store is more donating to support vPopulus development more than actually buying, we’ll be also giving “Donor badges” once the rounds finish and the game starts. Donor badges will have 4 categories (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum) and will depend on the amount of packs bought. Who receive Donor badges will also receive Gold pack.

Those are the biggest changes we've done, there were also some minor user interface changes. By all of this changes we'll allow players to fight more times per day and focus on the things they enjoy.
From this round to the next one, we’ll reunite with whole vPopulus community and brainstorm together for ideas.

We’re already in the final touches for the 1st vPopulus Zeta Lightning Round, it should be released in early March, more detailed information will be posted soon.

If you have any ideas or just looking to chill with us, join vPopulus Discord Server.

vPopulus Studio