vPopulus Studio devlog

Hi everyone,
It has been a while since we’ve actually published some intel on our dev studio.
At the moment, we have 3 on-going projects, which proved to be a bit too much for our current manpower.
We’ll shed some light in 2 of our projects, the other one we’d like to keep it private for a little longer, but first of all, we expanded our team quite a bit since the last update and we’re still to fill more positions!

vPopulus Studio team
Daniel Rudziński (dano19) - Co-Founder/Lead programmer
Vasco Lebre (Klavh) - Co-Founder/Project manager
Iváncsik Krisztián (Kriszke) - Back-end developer
Krzysztof Foryst Dąbrowski (Phor) - Community manager
Matt Davis (The Grey Wolf) - Back-end developer

We’re also looking for 1 front-end developer and 1 Digital Marketer; If you’re interested, please contact us.

We’re going though a big phase on vPopulus, at the moment, we’re doing the biggest change in concept and adding a whole new module while everyone keeps playing.
Every change we’re doing is based on community feedback and we aim to make vPopulus easier to play and easier to understand, while, of course, remaining loyal to our concept of Free2Play, Free2Win.
Despite hundreds of small changes and fixes made on the past fre weeks, we’ want to add In-Game missions still this month!
vPopulus-Facebook ; vPopulus-Twitter

Rise of Society
We’re reorganizing everything and setting up graphics onto Rise of Society, since this takes quite some time, we’re halting the development for this year. In the beginning of 2018 we’ll start rolling out the new version of Rise of Society and it will be consistent with everything in the future.
RiseofSociety-Facebook ; RiseofSociety-Twitter

This is all for now, we’ll make an extra effort to have more dev logs so everyone is kept in the loop.

vPopulus Studio