vPopulus Starting of Zeta!

Hi everyone,
First of all, happy easter to everyone. We’re sorry for such a long time without any news, but we’ve taken some time to re-evaluate everything and decide what how to proceed.

vPopulus Lightning Round
It has become clear that most players do not enjoy lightning rounds as we initially thought they would, so we’re dropping the idea and we’re not going to have a 2nd Lightning round but will instead move forward to full game release.
Although we think it’s better to keep this round going until we’re done with all the changes to start the game. We’re expecting to release still within this month.

vPopulus Zeta countries
Like we planned before, we plan to have the whole world available, although there will be 2 types of countries. The ones that currently are in rounds and were in PRIME and Wastelands. Wastelands will be essentially “deactivated countries” the regions are existent but they only serve as purpose for borders. Countries added as wastelands can become active and countries that lose their player base will become wastelands.

We will give proper information in Wiki. Every new feature will be explained also how countries can become active / wastelands.

Some countries will become active from start, as long as there is a population we won’t have problems activating a country.
The active countries for release are for now: USA, England, Poland, Serbia, Hungary, Brazil, Australia, China, Turkey and Sweden.
Any other countries that can guarantee having a considerable amount of players for start will be added. we encourage players to come and talk with us regarding more starting countries.

Most crucial changes will be added before release and minor tweaks will be added along the way.

This is all for now, please if you think your country should be able to start from start contact us in Discord or Social Media.

vPopulus Studio