Rise of vPopulus update

  • 23-10-2020
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Hi everyone,

It’s been a while since we have posted anything. We have been busy growing our team and developing Rise of vPopulus.

You can familiarise yourselves with the concept of Rise of vPopulus in our previous insiders (https://pastalabs.eu

Since we last announced the development of Rise of vPopulus our team grew by 200%! We have certainly not been idle. Due to sustainability and faster development we decided to take a step back and changed the technology we code the game to Angular, that’s the main reason why everything is taking longer, we’re re-designing and re-coding every line of the user interface of the game.

We have also made the decision to carry on having the front-end of the game as open source, if anyone doesn't like the UI we made they are more than welcome to use our api to develop their own web app, mobile app or any other useful tools. We are always open for collaboration.

Say hello to Shantka (Jr Community Manager), Timek (Front-end Developer), Jato (Jr Back-end Developer) and Blackie (Jr UI/UX designer).

Since last time, here comes the new game mechanics/changes we’ve implemented in RoV:

- UI change so it will fit better with the climate of the game;
- New modules such as economic and politic;
- Implementation of region page;
- Usability improvement in world map;
- Country establishing laws and parliament;
- Implementation of battle statistics;
- Marketplace and store are under complete overhaul;
- Introduction of companies and newspapers;

Although this isn’t all we’ve been working on, those are the biggest changes. We’re trying to set up everything so we can start open testing still in 2020 and release the game in early 2021.

COVID19: With this unprecedented time, we’ve all seen big changes in our daily lives and we’re all still coping with the changes. Let’s stay positive, stay safe and game on.

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Join our Official Discord Server -> https://discord.gg/9psAyps

With love,
Pasta Labs


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