Rise of Society, Basics of Technology Tree and more

Hi everyone,
First of all, we’ve been a bit slow publishing the last version, sorry for that.
It's been seriously fun (and hard) for us to work on this project and to now see things starting to connect to each other and working on the things that made us start this project is completely wonderful.

Before showing the actual changelog, we’ll explain some things in advance.

Why the long wait?
This publish is so far apart from the previous due to some events that were out of our control, we had some overdue work that we had to take care before doing this publish.
We also made a more detailed plan of what our next features are going to be so we can prioritize our future changes.

Construction requirements
Construction requirements were extremely low for testing purposes, to check everything was working, now that we verified that things are going ok, we changes the requirements (Construction points and natural resources) for both city and territory buildings. You can check the list here -> Building costs.
This values will probably be tweaked as we progress.

Technology tree
We added technology tree basics, such as first version of buildings, research will be fairly easy for testing purposes. Only in a couple more days research will have more contextualized costs and will be necessary to unlock some buildings.

Changelog - For the first time since alpha, changelog is in its proper place. You can check it out Rise of Society Changelog

This changes are the most important ones we’ve made so far. Until now we’ve only been adding basics, from now on, we’ll add features that will make the game more interesting for everyone.
Fundations for military module are already being added, although, military module is not ready, we already can see it taking shape.

Despite still being in Alpha, we want to start off with all the languages so our community can grow without the language barrier, so we’re also launching Internationalization project (I18N) in order to allow our players translate the game from English to any other language. If your language isn’t there contact us and we’ll add it.

To access the tool, please login to i18n and apply to be a translator.

This is all for now, we’ll reveal some more of our plan in a couple days.

vPopulus Studio