Rise of Society Open Alpha

  • 19-12-2016
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Hi everybody,
We decided to delay because the game is not quite as we want it yet
Get ready to Open Alpha! We will release it tonight.

Considerations everyone should have
We get that there’s some hype for Rise of Society Open Alpha, once it's the only game of this genre and nobody exactly knows what to expect, but lets face it, it’s Open Alpha, being Alpha means it's the very first version of the game, if you want a bug free game with all features finished, you should wait at least until Beta.
Hope this is pretty clear to everyone, and we really can’t stress enough that this is Alpha.

Now lets share some insight about the game itself: Click Here To Access
Registration: You can either register with the email (and same password!) from vpopstudio.eu or, if you don’t have an account, you can normally register in the game;
Tutorial: There’s a small tutorial ingame, follow it as much as you can, we’ll improve it later;
Wiki: There’s some information on Wiki about the game and the process (formulas, etc), we’re still building it further, but you should check what’s there already;
Changelog: Like we promised we’ll start publishing changelogs about the changes we do, so everyone can keep track of what’s fixed and what’s not;
Contact: We’ve completely replaced IRC with Discord, so you can join us ans ask any questions you might have;
Territory resources: Territory resources (both quantity and type) reset every day at midnight (GMT +1);
Joining City: There’s an issue with it, Joining city will only be available starting tomorrow;
Energy: Energy currently restores 1 point every 10 minutes, the higher your level, higher the amount of energy you can get;
Map: Improving map is a very time consuming task, until further notice, it will remain only the portion of Africa we currently have;
What are we doing now?: We’re focusing in improving gameplay, redesigning some crucial pages, reviewing all the formulas and adding all the information to Wiki. Only after all of this is done we are moving onto military module.

Though this is Alpha and there will be bugs and we, almost certain, will have to do some restructuring, We won’t do a full reset, most of the game will be reseted but we plan to keep some information from Open Alpha.

Once again, this is alpha, everything can change. We’ll be wanting feedback from you along every step of the way, so don’t be shy.
We’ll regularly post articles and blog posts about what we’re doing and what we’ll be doing next.

vPopulus Studio


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