Release Date Announced!

  • 09-07-2019
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Hello comrades and friends,

We have some fantastic news to announce, the game will be going live soon, sooner than you may think! Our release date is on the 14th July. Yes, that is THIS Sunday coming. We still have a lot to do and will need to enlist your help so that we are completely ready for release. We have been doing a few weeks of closed testing but now we will be opening it up to EVERYONE. To do so, please sign up here: and you will be added. We need thorough testing so the release goes smoothly, so if you are interested we will be making our discord test channel public. We will need you to detail any bugs or issues you find there and tag any of the support.

You can join to access Open Beta! You just have to register and activate your account. Remember, this is just to try out the game, everything will be deleted for the release.

Once we release, the game will show here, until then, there's a timer to warn everyone about the release date.

In regards to countries, as it has been sometime we are looking at this with a clean slate. Any communities being organised will be included. We will be looking for various key factors, including an interim President and any internal structure. We will be on a mass recruitment drive on discord and on other sites. But we need the structures in place so let us know if you are interested. We will have another Insider out before we begin so keep a lookout!

Join the tests and join in our discord to get to know more!

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Very good. Which countries will be present?





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