Quick Christmas Update

  • 27-12-2018
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G’day all and happy holidays! We are providing an update on what to expect over the next month in terms of development and hopefully some of it gets you into the jolly spirit. So the rest of the update isn’t spoiled we will start by saying that the game release in our schedule is now looking like February as opposed to late January as we had hoped. We could release the game when did but it would not have the fun features we had planned and probably not entirely tested either.

This came down to scope, as mentioned in the previous announcement we want to expand the scope of the vPopulus experience and we are constantly coming up with interesting ideas to try and develop. We came up with a few new ones that aren’t hard to do but means wholesale changes in some modules which takes time. We apologies and we are telling you not long after it dawned on us that we were off target because of this.

On to more positive news, the coding for the game, done by our Dano is almost complete. So when we have finished our round of in house testing, we will be widening the scope of testers to 20 players who we will choose at our discretion. We haven’t finalised the list so if you’re interested contact Callumh123 as to why you should be chosen.

We are looking for players with experience with vPopulus Zeta. After that is complete, we are opening the game (bar a few features that are still being worked on) entirely to the public. So while full game will not be released until Feb, the open testing will be, so if you’re new you can work out how to play the game in a stress free environment and older players can check out some of our new features while helping get their communities together and help Developers and Moderators with getting rid of the kinks so the game is entirely bug free before we begin.

We should stress that we will not be starting the game until every member of the staff are fully satisfied and assured the game does not contain any issues. We will also be beginning our recruitment drive for the game, which will begin ramping up now and will hopefully hit its climax for when the open testing begins. We are still at the moment at 5 countries: USA, Serbia, Poland, Australia and Brasil. So we are still looking for active players or communities to approach us before we begin so we can help try and recruit with you.

If you’re interested in being part of our recruitment team (as we will need the manpower) please contact Callumh123, players that do will receive a once off medal when the game begins in earnest. We are also looking for a Probationary Moderator as we look to ramp up our recruitment drive which will invariably put more strain on the team. We are looking for someone with previous vPopulus experience, preferably from vPopulus Zeta but not mandatory and someone with a good amount of free time in January. Again, please message Callumh123 if you’re interested for more details on the role.

So to summarise, (this summary will go on the discord announcement) the full game of vPopulus has been pushed back to February, however a small group of known players will be invited to test the game with us in the next week or so to help get rid of as many kinks as possible before opening the game (bar a few features) to the public, meaning all players new and old can check out the new version and help rid the game of all bugs (ALL) before we begin. Our recruitment drive will be beginning shortly and we need manpower to help us make this the largest and most successful vPopulus launch ever, so please lend a hand. We are also looking for a Probationary Moderator to help out as well. All enquiries for any position or questions to Callumh123.


vPopulus Team


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