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  • 08-11-2018
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It’s been some time hasn’t it? The reason we haven’t written for a while is because we had to decide on several things and agree on a timeline for the games release, with our best estimation being provided later in this announcement.

First off, we want to thank you for your patience, we did at the time of shutting the game down believe that the reset would be done in a matter of weeks, month or two tops. But we decided to change the entire scope of what we wanted to accomplish and Dano has been working at a feverish pace ever since.

I am happy to announce the first piece of business on the agenda and that is to announce the first 5 countries that will be added to the game. We are likely to have only 10 countries unless demand exceeds our expectations which we are more than happy to accommodate. However, our first priority is having large, vibrant communities and that can only be achieved with fewer nations.

The first five nations will be the United States of America, Poland, Serbia, Australia and Brasil. We have not yet decided the next five, but we have an idea now of what they could possibly be, the reason we have left it open is that we are challenging players to get their friends and gaming communities together to build a society and force their way into the game. The five we have already chosen are nations known to the staff and have the potential to grow.

The next announcement is something that was prevalent in the survey result, which was improved usability and performance. So, we (Dano) decided to go ahead and change the entire code. Dano have rewrote a lot of the game (to a new platform I am told) but they still have some left to go. By moving the code to .net core and some fancy developer speak, “it’s all framework and database queries optimization.”

What you should expect is a much quicker game that Is far more perceptible to change, meaning it is going to be easier to add and fix features. I will never be able to give justice with my horrible articulation, but you will see when it’s released.

The next speed enhancing change will be servers, with the game being served on 3 different locations which will be Europe, Australia and America. Meaning the game will be 60x faster in Australia and considerably better in all other continents. That’s on the invisible side of things, the more visible changes include front end changes to make the game appear livelier which has already begun but is still underway.

Another thing that should make the game more attractive is that we are currently developing an android app for the game. While it will be basic, it will allow you to fight, work, train and a few other things much more comfortably without the stress of having to go through browsers. We would like to have one for iOS however funds will need to be raised in order to pay for the developers license. In terms of in game changes, we will be doing away with organisations completely.

This will be replaced by Firms. The reason for this is our main economic change will be to re-introduce a stock market to the game, with Firms being able to be listed on the stock exchange and providing a more dynamic company module with new roles and responsibilities inside the firms.

However you can keep your firms private for your own person usage. This change will constitute its own blog post. Construction is going to be completely overhauled, recoded, redone, rescripted, reinvented. It won’t be the same thing and hopefully this time it works from the beginning.

We have a lot more but we don’t want to take up too much more of your time so here is a tldr for you:

-Missions (Completely reworked and there will be at least double the amount from last time and new ones will be released in a routinely as we have planned)
-Coding redone from scratch (Increased optimization, ie. 60x faster and much easier to implement changes and fix problems)
-Reworked scripting (So elections don’t stuff up like last time)
-New map (We will be releasing a poll to the players on a few options, the winning one will be implemented)
-Complete frontend change to media module (So it’s actually fun)
-Complete frontend change to military units (To add to the fun)
-Introducing firms and stock market (Removing Orgs in the process)
-Android Mobile app (Will do the basics, work, train, fight, shout etc…)
-New frontend design and layout
-Reworked tutorial system (Including rewards)
-Fully fleshed out wiki (More articles and easier editing)
-Construction completely recoded and scripted to work
-Accomodation and housing will be changed according to what happens with construction
-Guarantees on bug resolution via the ticket system or gold will be offered in compensation
-Mass testing before the game begins to pull out 99.9% of bugs
-Greater moderator powers and responsibilities
-A percentage of gold bought will be given monthly to players that bought gold in the previous version
-Message system reworked
-Exploring with players what frontend changes can be made to the political module (Changes to Congress and different modes of Government)
-Exploring improvements to the production formula
-Resource distribution will be changed with a new map, making valuable resources worth more.

We are happy to add more to this list and there will be definitely some stuff that I have missed. If you have any suggestions for improvements or worries about a change listed, do not hesitate to contact Callumh123.

Oh and by the way the game will probably be released sometime in late January 2019, maybe later depending on if we take on more changes. Closer to this time we will begin our campaign for the game including email blasts, targeted advertisement, social media campaign and community posting among others. vPop out.


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