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  • 04-05-2020
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Hi everyone,
Welcome to Pasta Labs!
As you are noticing right now, what was before vPopulus Studio has been rebranded to Pasta Labs. We had some 9 good years as vPopulus Studio, but we need to grow and adapt. We wanted to rebrand to Spaghetti labs - just like our code - but spaghetti is too hard to write.

We’ve put a lot of thinking and planning into this rebranding and feel it’s necessary to grow as an indie game studio.

We maintain the development of free to play, free to win games same as before. We have made crucial changes in our code structure to allow us to maintain our products easier and to continuously develop and add new modules in all our games.

As you know, Pasta Labs is an indie game studio developer who has no big corporation backing us up, that’s how we can remain anti Pay-2-win. Unfortunately we need some financial support to continue developing the games with the quality our players deserve.

In order to professionally expand our team, we’ve started a Patreon, the sole purpose is backing Pasta Labs projects, if you can support us, join our Patreon ->

Core modules
Just as we were doing before, we have a central platform ( where players can register and confirm and manage accounts. This means after an account created in Pasta Labs, you can login to any games.

Status of games
vPopulus - The classic concept of vPopulus has been preserved, but for the moment we have plans to add specific modules to vPopulus and re-release the classic game with some nuances when the community around Pasta Labs is big enough.

Note: Any purchase made in vPopulus last version will be 100% redeemable in any game.

Rise of Society - Due to the massive extension of the project, it’s halted until we fund ways to expand our team.

Rise of vPopulus - This is a new project we’ve been developing for the past few weeks. We are recycling and reutilizing big portions of vPopulus core modules and code to fasten development. But enough of technical development.

What is Rise of vPopulus?
Rise of vPopulus is a new, innovative version of classic vPopulus where there are no real life countries and each player can claim a region to start their own country and invite their friends. Political module will be scrapped for the start and countries will only be dictatorships, we’ll allow different types of governments in the future. We also made changes in all modules and formulas to adapt to a smaller groups of players owning a country.

We will share a comprehensive guide about Rise of vPopulus in the next few days. Understand this is a different version of vPopulus but we will continue developing the classic vPopulus version.

Despite starting development of Rise of vPopulus only 5 weeks ago, due to the big portion of vPopulus code we use, we’ll be ready to start closed alpha testing in the next week.

If you have some expertise in front-end, back-end, graphic design or marketing please contact us on the links at

If it’s possible to back us in Patreon, please do so.

Pasta Labs


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