Early December Update

  • 07-12-2020
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Hi everyone,

We have lots of things in the works, since we expanded the team it allows us to develop the game several modules at the same time.

We added a visually new editor for articles and for private messages between players.

We’ve started the introduction of politics, meaning that when you create a country, now you can choose diplomacy either to be dictatorship or democracy. Also you can choose if you want your borders to be open or not. Open border means that anyone can travel to your country. On a contrary, closed border means that only citizens of that country can go there.

At the moment, we are in the middle of testing elections. Voting for country laws ends when the number of votes for or against is 51%. The exception is when countries want to make peace, therefore both sides must accept the offer.

On the construction module we’ve been working on citizen and country constructions, such as a hospital, a house, a hotel and a defending system. The house is a place to stay and rest. The hotel though, is a place you can rent to other citizens to stay and make money from it. As a country you can build a hospital and a defending system if you get enough votes. The hospital is similar to a hotel - but there is no such thing as limited space or rooms and one can regain much more HP on a contrary to the hotel. With a defending system, fighting is much easier for a defender and harder for the attacker because the value of the wall is higher.

Connecting political and military modules, to add further strategy to the game, we’re implementing resistance wars to get the country back after wipe. After losing your last region, you have 48h to develop a resistance power and start a battle to regain your country. If you successfully regain your region, you can establish your country in that place once again.

And we are still working on UI/UX to be more clear and intuitive. Main menu will be made from hexagons and animation of hexagons will be all over the main page. Let's look forward to seeing it!

To make a more concise database of the game and have all the information clear, we’ve developed a wiki system (to be used in other games as well) and we’re writing the pages for it.

We’re on a good pace to accomplish the goal of having beta still in 2020! We’ll be in touch!

With love,
Pasta labs


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