Downtime official statement

Hi everyone,
Unfortunately our server provider had an incident and vPopulus server was affected by it, there wasn’t much we could do except talk with our provider, who still didn’t answer the support tickets we’ve sent, didn’t pick up calls and the only time we managed to get in touch, by twitter, their suggestion was to “login and restart the server”, being the server offline, we obviously couldn’t login.

We had no fault in this situation and we really worked hard during the downtime in order to minimize the impact on vPopulus gameplay and community. Although, last night (12/11/2017 to 13/11/2017), we were working nearly the whole night to restore everything back to normal, allowing citizens work and train so they wouldn’t lose the working/training streaks, a task that shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours took the whole night because our provider was always restarting and had some more downtime.
According to Murphy’s law, everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Started by the incident with our provider and vPopulus team was completely incapable of acting on anything.

As you can imagine, we’re already changing providers, but this is a long task that will require a lot of manpower to do. Nevertheless, instead of having one large server in Europe, we’re going to set up 3 different smaller servers, all connected. The servers we're setting up are easily scalable. This means vPopulus will have servers in Central Europe, North America and Australia, we care about our community and we’re always trying to improve the game and it’s gameplay.
We’ll work on this change during this current week and we’ll keep getting feedback from our players to know how to handle it best.

As a compensation for the downtime, every country will receive 50 Gold + 3 gold per active citizen. The gold will be distributed still today.
As compensation for players, we’re still finding what’s the best way to do it, but will most likely be in a form of mission.

In-Game missions, the first 10 missions, tutorial like, should be online still before the end of the week.
We’re also going over small improvements that we’ll talk later about those.

It has also come to our attention that some players did lost the streak or some other things didn’t worked as intended, if you’re in that unfortunate situation, please send us a ticket and we’ll solve it as soon as possible. You can send ticket clicking on ‘Community -> Help’ or clicking in this_link

This was a pretty big setback in our team, but we’ll keep improving everything, we believe in vPopulus and we work hard so you can believe it in too. It’s a shame that some players are losing their faith in us for an issue that we had no control over it.

We’re going to great lengths to restore everything back to normal, sacrificing both our personal and professional life. We ask you to remain loyal and don’t lose your confidence in us.
This issue was a breaking point to vPopulus, things will only get better from now own. Keep supporting our gameplay anyway you can. We’re the only game of the genre that isn’t pay to win and tries to be fair both to big and small communities, this is unheard of from our competitors. Sometimes inviting even 1 player, makes a difference.

Thank you for your support,
We are truly grateful.

Vasco, Daniel, Krisztián, Phor and Matt