Day 196 - Missions, Orders and Changes

Hi everyone!
Nice to see the world activity levels are increasing! Hope they’ll will only increase from now on!
We’ve been having a couple of rough weeks, but we’re battling thought. Let’s get straight to point.

In-Game Missions
This took us a while, but the first 10 missions are done! These missions are meant to be tutorial missions, which means they won’t be any challenge for experienced players. We had to start somewhere, so we start from the beginning. From now own, we’ll keep adding missions on a regular basis, not only tutorial missions but harder missions that will challenge every player in-game!
For now the missions design isn’t the best and we still don’t have the missions roadmap, but it’s soon to be added. We’ll also improve mission design, so they don’t scare the new players!

Army Order
Armies can now set order to fight in a specific battle. We’re still keeping the text order, so armies can now set order for a specific battle and provide some extra information as well.
Just alike missions, this is the first version of this feature, we’ll improve the design further on.
Army leaders can set the orders once they’re switched to army and access squads page.

Small changes
vPopulus is also starting the lift up in design, we’re starting to improving some little details to improve user interface and we’re also re-making some pages and adding some graphics. Our less colorful days will be behind us in no time!

We have a lot of changes like these planned for the future.

That’s all for now.

vPopulus Studio