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  • 06-05-2020
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Hi everyone,
Thank you for all your support from 2 days ago Post (

As we announced 2 days ago, we’re developing a new game, with a different concept and gameplay but still based on vPopulus. It’s the Rise of vPopulus.

We’ll keep this informative and short, while being always open to suggestions and feedback from players. You can have a chat with us, at:

Why the Rise of vPopulus?
Classic vPopulus had some conceptual flaws, with the current community size, it’s very hard to maintain the game without administration input, such as changing CPs, adding offers in National Organisations, etc; It was a major hurdle for each country player base to have disappearing Country President or Presidents who somehow destroyed work and guidelines from previous presidents. Most countries were ruled by armies and groups from the countries that didn’t join the main army, didn't have much chance to thrive.

We want to make different games but still preserve the Classic vPopulus, so that’s how Rise of vPopulus was born.

We made a lot of changes in mechanics to accommodate smaller groups of players.

Major Changes from vPopulus to Rise of vPopulus:
- There are no real-life countries - Map is split into smaller regions and at start we allow players to join or create their own country;
- Players can create their country with custom Name, Flag and Currency.
- There’s a global market for Items and Raws, with Gold prices;
- Manufacturing only has 3 Qualities - Low, Medium and High;
There’s only 1 Working Skill - No construction, manufacturing and Land;
- All the formulas were changed to balance smaller groups;
- Companies have max limit of employees - max number is higher with higher quality;
- Regions have between none and 3 resources - different qualities;
- Players need to be located in a region with border to a battle to be able to fight;

There are still a lot of moving parts, we’ve redesigned the whole layout of the game and will be starting Closed Alpha Testing this week or the next.

We will be answering questions on comments, so ask your concerns or just give some feedback regarding the game concept.

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