[vPopulus day 395] Conceptual Changes

  • 13-06-2018
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Hi everyone,
Thank you for your patience waiting for vPopulus Insider. We had some issues within the team and temporarily lost almost everyone to university exams, it’s something we cannot control, but we shouldn’t have been so long without Insider either way.

Fortunately we’re almost done with exams, which is perfect, because we have the whole summer in front of us and we have a very long to-do list.

We’ll announce in this Insider a couple of things we’re aiming to do in order to bring vPopulus to move forward to the next step.

1. Fix glitch that doesn’t allow completing mission;
2. Overhaul construction module - the concept will remain the same, but formulas and design will be different in order to add better usage for new players and a bit more complexity to more experienced players;
3. Chance probation countries concept, some countries will be permanently added and the ones we cannot reach will be deleted;*
4. Fix second vPopulus Veteran Medal not being awarded;
5. Bring back game wide referendums - We’ll re-introduce option for players to vote on which path game should take;
6. Changing rules and guidelines - We’ve been far too permissive with everything, players forgetting to candidate for CP, etc. In the future we’ll stop manually adding things like this, nation is entirely responsible for the actions, unless something happens due a bug;
7. Small changes in political module overall - to stimulate political activity;
8. Monthly vPopulus Caffe - Great concept, poor execution, since it’s very hard to get members of the team in the same timezone, we’ll find a way.
9. Monthly debate with community in Discord - Goal is to strengthen the bond between community and devs and understand what are the strong and weak points of the past month;

Before moving onto the next, and possibly more important point, let’s just expand a bit on the probation countries;

We’ll be contacting EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY, probation or not, and help them to gather players. Countries who can have an active base, will be added as permanent/remain normal country, the ones that cannot will be removed from the game and turned into wasteland. We’ll give citizens the option to move companies and change citizenship prior to this. Any and every change made by us will be discussed with players

vPopulus Gameplay
vPopulus has been a passion project for Vasco and Daniel (Klavh and Dano19) since 2011, we’ve seen members join and leave the team, we’ve had several versions of the game, couple of resets, both of us has worked on and off on vPopulus since 2011.
We’ve always been wanting to add more modules to vPopulus so players could have more fun and would allow the game to grow. We’ve been innovating the genre since 2011, although some issues we have not been willing to change because our goal has always been building a fair, balanced, free 2 win game, for every change we’ve obsessive worried about unbalancing the game and give advantage to smaller or bigger countries. Issues alike giving anything else than gold and XP to players (unbalances the economy) have been almost taboo for us. We’ve tried to please everyone and make everyone happy. This cannot be done.
Honestly, our goal for vPopulus is to build the game for the community, so the players can have fun and a good time with vPopulus. We will stop to overly worry about the game balance if it brings fun for the players.
With this said, we’re ready to change the very core concepts of vPopulus (with exception of becoming pay 2 win). You have suggestions, please share them with us Via_Support.

Help Wanted
We’re always trying to expand our team in order to improve the game, at this moment we’re looking for:
Back-end Developer - Requirements: asp.net, mySQL, git;
Graphic Designer - Requirements: Photoshop, Illustrator;
Front-End Designer - Requirements: HTML, CSS;
Digital Marketing - Requirements: Knowledge of Social Media;

If anyone is interested, please contact us by [email protected]

This has been a very long Insider, thank you for your patience. We’ll update everyone in the following days.

vPopulus Studio


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