[vPopulus day 244] Times are a changin'

  • 14-01-2018
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The Christmas, Boxing Day, Hanukkah, New Years Eve and Yule (yes this is real) festivities period is over and I’m sure you are returning to work, study and reality. But fear not! vPopulus is back in 2018 and we intend to be bigger and badder (better) than ever. Today vPopulus Studios has a number of things to announce.

An Apology

As like many during the holiday period, we look to attend to our families, loved ones and drinking. vPopulus is an indie game with a small but dedicated staff and with such a hectic period we have been unable to keep the ball rolling and we would like to apologise to you, the player, for letting you down during the season. We have acknowledged this downturn and we have definitely heard your concerns and as a result are picking up a gear again to help make vPopulus the best it can be!

Staff Changes and Recruitment

It’s clear that development will be the key to the future success of vPopulus Studios, but we must also recognise what makes vPopulus great, the community. With this in mind, we will be promoting Callumh123 to Community Manager to work alongside the venerable Phor, these two members will be in charge of the tickets, community engagement, ideas, you name it. Please feel free to pester either of them at any time.

vPopulus Studios is also looking for more front end developers to help enhance the look of the game, so if you have passion, expertise and time on your hand please contact Klavh or a community manager.

vPopulus Player Survey LIVE + New Player Survey announced

As mentioned before, we want to improve your vPopulus experience and we can only do that by seeing what you, the player, wants to see changed.

Some features need to be freshened but we want to get an idea of the priorities of the community. To do this we will be circulating a game wide vPopulus Player Survey for every player to access and contribute.

When you have completed the survey, you will be sent 1g for your valuable feedback. The survey will close Day 262 (roughly a week) so make sure to get your survey done by then to receive your gold! The survey should take only over a minute of your time, 1 minute for 1 gold isn’t a bad return.

We will also have a new player survey coming out shortly after the conclusion of the vPopulus Player Survey, however this one will be continuous and we will be asking countries to add the survey to their welcome message to help us improve the immediate impact of the game for new players.

vPopulus Café

That’s right, vPopulus Café is back for a new edition on Day 255, at 21:00 vPopulus time and will be hosted by Phor and Callumh123, who will be discussing the game, answering live questions and taking earlier questions for those that cannot be there for it.

If you can’t make it, please comment below your question and we will make sure to answer it during recording. For those that can make it, be on the vPopulus discord server and we will be answering all of your questions in the general chat room.

We will also have some announcements that should make some of our resident economic nerds happy during the broadcast and a subsequent article. This article will be updated with a youtube link for those that want to kick back and listen to the soothing tones coming from your Community Managers.


The vPopulus Team


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