[vPopulus day 211] - Christmas event and Change

Hi everyone,
We’re happy to announce that vPopulus is, once again, growing.
We’d like to thank the efforts of some communities are doing to make vPopulus grow. We’re extremely community driven and we need community to help us with this task. Everyone counts.

We’ve been doing some design changes in order to improve the game, we’re still experimenting a bit, but the end result will always be positive. Until the end of 2017, vPopulus will suffer some substantial layout changes.

Although missions are still in beta and there are only tutorial missions, we have another set of missions to deploy in the next few weeks. We’re also working in mobile version.

It came to our attention that our changelog is extremely outdated, we’re sorry for this and we’ll making changes in order to keep a updated changelog in the proper space. This means our blog (vpopstudio.eu) will also be remodeled. We aim to have everything centralized in blog for quicker and safer actions.

vPopulus Cafe, 3rd edition
We’re extremely sorry about the major delay on the 3rd edition of vPopulus Cafe, but we’ve seriously been busy and to make it even worse, it’s completely off-schedule to make it in Americas prime-time, so most likely we’ll record it when 2 members of the team have time for it and publish it on youtube so everyone can listen to it.
This is something we really enjoy doing and think it’s a great way to talk with the community, we’ll make a priority having it regularly instead of worrying so much about the hours we do it.

Christmas Event
We’ll be doing a christmas event from december 16th to december 26th. The event will have a total 2000 Gold reward, 1000 gold to players and 1000 gold to countries.

Between 16th and 26th, we’ll count the total damage of players (in every war), and reward the players and the countries will receive the sum of the amount each citizen received.

Formula: ((x-player-damage / total-damage) * 1000);

Regarding this event, we’ll add a panel on homepage (substantially better than in previous world war event).

This is all for now, we’ll keep everyone in the loop.

vPopulus Studio