[vPopulus day 149] - 1st edition of vPopulus Cafe

Hi everyone!
Just like we said on yesterday insider (2 days 2 insiders, crazy right?), we’re hosting the 1st edition of vPopulus Cafe

This edition will be hosted by Phor and Klavh.
This will start tomorrow at 22h vPopulus Time and it will be streamed on YouTube, when it’s over, it will remain available on YouTube for anyone to listen to.

This is meant to be an informal conversation between developers and community. We invite all citizens to join us tomorrow 22h vPopulus Time.
Since this is the first version, we’re not sure on how smooth it will go, but it’s a matter of time until we find out.

We know this is a very bad time for some citizens around the world, but next one will be during morning (vPopulus Time).

We aim to to have at least 2 vPopulus Café per month and as long the community supports it and enjoys it, we’ll deliver.

In this 1st edition, we’ll talk about topics like: Impact of introduction of in-game missions in vPopulus, future small and bigger changes and possible in-game events.

vPopulus Cafe vPopulus day 150, at 22h vPopulus Time! - Tomorrow! Listen to us, Join us, debate with us! - Link will be shared tomorrow!

Warning: To all english language natives, the majority of community, developers inclusive, are not english native speakers.

Love and hope you’ll listen to us,
vPopulus Studio