[vPopulus day 148] - News and in-game event

Hi everyone!
Sorry for the long absence insider wise, but we’ve been though a lot on the past month.

For the ones who don’t know it yet, we’ve now have a new member in our team, The_Grey_Wolf, he’s working with us for a couple of weeks now. This means things will start to move on a bit faster.
Last week we published an huge deploy, which fixed a bunch of bugs and had dozens of small improvements. More changes are coming later this week.

We, as a team, are way more organized and focusing on vPopulus, we’re using our time wisely.

World Event
We’re at a tipping point, we need to increase our amount of active players to at least 5000 in order for vPopulus to be self-sustainable and communities to thrive without major babysitting from us.
So it only makes sense that our community event this month to be about new citizens and retaining them.
The World Event will take in account number of new, active accounts during a certain period of time and the number of new subscriptions to newspapers, during the same period of time. It might also have extra prizes for number of articles and votes on the articles.
We will shed light on this issue later this week.

vPopulus Café
We once, a couple years back, holded a podcast where players could join us and we’d just talk over the game and some other issues, it was pretty good idea but with time, ended up being forgotten.
We’ll start hosting a bi-monthly talks between developers and players can casually talk about vPopulus in a very informal way. These talks will be streamed somewhere and at least 2 members of vPopulus team will be present.
We’ve always been pretty open and transparent with community, we’ve always been reachable to talk over Discord, this doesn’t change anything, except that at the given time, we’ll only be doing that.
We will also share more information about this later this week, with the date of the first vPopulus Café.

vPopulus Studios is recruting
We want to move forward much faster, this means we’re are expanding our team.
We have one position for front-end developer and another position for advertisement marketing, if you’re interested in either of them, please send us a Private_Message.

We’ll have some more news pretty soon!
Always yours,
vPopulus Studio