The True Experience in Geopolitical Strategy

Project Details

  • Start date: July 2011
  • Status: Under development

Project Description

vPopulus is a social, strategic, massively multiplayer online browser game. It's a real-time model of the world where players can join political, economic, military and journalistic careers. Players or citzens can manage companies and sell products both on national and international markets, exchange different currencies for personal profit, become a stockmarket mogul, join political parties and candidate for congress or president. You can join the army and fight in a war against another country or you can be journalist and become a world known presence. vPopulus is a game that is heavily based on the social aspects of gaming. It’s not just a game, it’s a huge community of players from around the globe. The possibilities are endless!

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Our Team

Vasco Lebre Proj. manager

Daniel Rudziński Lead-developer

Ivancsik Krisztian Developer

Callum Halliday C. Manager

Former team: Patryk Kalinowski (developer), Nicolai Larsen (web designer), Daniel Almeida (web designer)