Rise of Society

Recreate mankind history!

Project Description

At the beginning of Rise of Society, nothing exists. Humankind is a fledgling species, without technology or scientific discoveries. Build your helpless people a village, develop towns and cities, build a nation. Others will try to take what is yours - fight to keep your lands safe. Discover a heavily social and strategic experience, where the key to survival is expansion.

Learn the art of science - develop new technologies from the ground up, research tools and weapons to improve your nation's production, your army's strength and capability, and out-develop your rivals. Everything in Rise of Society takes time - plan your tasks carefully to maximise productivity, and form alliances with other players to organise as a group to gain an advantage over others.

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Project Details

  • Start date: September 2015
  • Status: Under development
  • Current team: Daniel Rudziński, Vasco Lebre