Hi buddies, Once again, we were supposed to start open alpha today, but due to some events that will take place next week we won't be able to babysit the new players as much as we wanted, so we decided to delay it another week. This will give us enough time to finish all the guides and explanations and at the same time, we’ll be able to be m

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News of Society

Hi everybody, We had today (November 29th) as one of the possible dates for starting Open Alpha, though we’re going to delay, we should check in and clear some things up. [b]The delay[/b] We’ve been terribly busy improving all aspects of the game and at the same time building more features. We already have some solid gameplay but there’s sti

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Closed Alpha Testing (Founders testing)

Hi everybody, We’re glad to announce that Alpha Closed Testing of Rise of Society is now undergoing. Just like we said on our previous articles, for now only Rise of Society Founders have access to it. The launching went smoothly, for the first version of Alpha at least. This is just the beginning of an huge journey. Right now we’re focused

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Closed Alpha date and More!

Hi everybody, Our [url]http://vpopstudio.eu/view/5|latest_post[/url] left some confusion within our community, we’ll try to break it down so everybody can understand. [b]Rise of Society - Early Testing[/b] We’re starting [u]Closed Alpha Testing around 15th of November[/u]. It should last approximately two weeks. In the duration of Early Tes

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RoS Founders pack and More!

Hi everybody, With all the backend almost ready we’ve started to think further about the in-game mechanics. We need both funds and feedback. So that’s why we’re launching [b]Rise of Society Founders Program[/b] - [url]http://vpopstudio.eu/account/store|check_it_out[/url]. Basically, we need money to set our server back up so we can r

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