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[vPopulus day 148] - News and in-game event

Hi everyone! Sorry for the long absence insider wise, but we’ve been though a lot on the past month. For the ones who don’t know it yet, we’ve now have a new member in our team, [url]https://www.vpopulus.net/Citizen/3310|The_Grey_Wolf[/url], he’s working with us for a couple of weeks now. This means things will start to move on a bit faster.

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vPopulus Zeta Release

Hi everyone, Just like we explained on our previous blog post [url]http://vpopstudio.eu/news/vPopulus%20Starting%20of%20Zeta!|here[/url] we are releasing vPopulus Zeta. [b]Release will be at 0 hours (GMT) of Sunday the 14th. Which means at Day-change from Saturday (13th) to Sunday (14th).[/b] Like we have said, we will have a couple of start

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vPopulus Starting of Zeta!

Hi everyone, First of all, happy easter to everyone. We’re sorry for such a long time without any news, but we’ve taken some time to re-evaluate everything and decide what how to proceed. [b]vPopulus Lightning Round[/b] It has become clear that most players do not enjoy lightning rounds as we initially thought they would, so we’re dropping th

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vPopulus, Start of rounds

Hi everyone, Like we explain on our previous [url]http://vpopstudio.eu/news/vPopulus%20Zeta%20-%20Lightening%20rounds|Blog post[/url]. We won’t repeat the mechanics changes we already said, but we’d like to reinforce the idea that the Rounds are time-limited, that everything will be reseted afterwards and that prizes will be given both to top play

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vPopulus Zeta - Lightening rounds

Hi everyone, We know everybody misses vPopulus, that’s why, like we promised, are bringing it back. Somethings didn’t worked as good as we intended, so we’re doing quite some changes in mechanics and concept. [b]vPopulus Zeta![/b] We are moving on from vPopulus PRIME and going to Zeta. But don't worry, the changes we're doing are based on p

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