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[vPopulus day 211] - Christmas event and Change

Hi everyone, We’re happy to announce that vPopulus is, once again, growing. We’d like to thank the efforts of some communities are doing to make vPopulus grow. We’re extremely community driven and we need community to help us with this task. Everyone counts. [b]Changes[/b] We’ve been doing some design changes in order to improve the game, w

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Day 196 - Missions, Orders and Changes

Hi everyone! Nice to see the world activity levels are increasing! Hope they’ll will only increase from now on! We’ve been having a couple of rough weeks, but we’re battling thought. Let’s get straight to point. [b]In-Game Missions[/b] This took us a while, but the first 10 missions are done! These missions are meant to be tutorial missions,

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Hi everyone, Unfortunately our server provider had an incident and vPopulus server was affected by it, there wasn’t much we could do except talk with our provider, who still didn’t answer the support tickets we’ve sent, didn’t pick up calls and the only time we managed to get in touch, by twitter, their suggestion was to “login and restart the ser

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(vPopulus Day 166) - 2st edition of vPopulus Cafe & Changes

Hi everyone! We’ve been developing a couple key features that we’re excited to publish them. [b]vPopulus Cafe, 2nd edition[/b] [img]https://i.imgur.com/GYCBu11.jpg[/img] The 2nd edition will take place [b]Monday, 11:30 vPopulus time[/b] and it will be streamed on Youtube for who can’t be online. The hosts of the 2nd edition will be [b]The Gre

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vPopulus Studio devlog

Hi everyone, It has been a while since we’ve actually published some intel on our dev studio. At the moment, we have 3 on-going projects, which proved to be a bit too much for our current manpower. We’ll shed some light in 2 of our projects, the other one we’d like to keep it private for a little longer, but first of all, we expanded our team

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